martes, 15 de febrero de 2011

I think there is nothing worse than the distance or anything better than happiness. The distance is difficult to solve, not many have a lit opciones.i to value many things, because you're away from me, I learned that a family member is a part of you, and miss that person is one less step to take, when you want both a person does not have only remedy is to take the time to think about the reunion though time passes more slowly for a look next time that person does not stop running faster so you have to maximize next to that person you have to evaluate it as if the only thing left for you can be that some see as well and would not mind being able to be with you that the best moments have been at your side and that ALL YOUR LIFE YOU want to take my side and I was born since you took her too, because I think as been the person you most looking forward and embraced and will continue to embrace with more desire, that all people who wanted more eh and I have been away from me, and been so and suffered and continue to suffer but I do not care that sooner or later come back to your side and enjoy the most. because without you my path closed doors are now wide open for you to see you hear you know that I can feel my life is. that being with you is being in a cloud and not wanting to lose and that every time you catch that plane to leave it up bigger than what I have and that every tear you waste on seeing or feeling that I miss is I LOVE YOU or see you again, because I know this is forever by that you are me and I am you, may be that the next time is the reverse. but never get used to saying goodbye after that there is always a farewell but not eternal but the only time that our friendship will be everlasting.

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